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The 21st Century Wellness Center 
Home of Herb Power 21®-Our Registered Trademark 

Neuromuscular Therapy, Iridology, Cell Analysis, 
Hair Analysis, Weight-Loss,  Healthy food Parties.

Dr. Faith Pierce-Naturopath

Come and hear about healthy lifestyles!
A raw food diet is fun, saves time, and saves money on utilities! Learn about taking raw food supplements that will help you gain back much ground from years of eating from a mineral-depleted food supply!

Danny & Kathy Living--Raw Food Experts

Danny and Kathy Living, owners of Chicago area's favorite raw food restaurant, Borrowed Earth Café. (http://www.borrowedearthcafe.com/), will tell you the shocking secret about their conversion to raw foods which focused with laser-like precision on the desserts.

With their trademark, down-to-earth, you-can-do-it-too approach, lively humor and practical wisdom, they will share some of their "tricks" to incorporating more delicious, healthy raw foods into your and your family's menu options.  

Dr. Julia Albath

I used to deal with life by escaping, usually into food, occasionally into working, smoking and other vices.  I found how to change and take control of life.

Every since, I am experiencing real, lasting, inner peace and healing.

I now teach others how to control emotions!

When you have tried everything else, it's time to try something that works. Let me help you be a winner at the game of life.

My quest for self-improvement started when I was still young.     But while I was trying to figure it all out, I got a PhD in Computer Science from Missouri University of Science and Technology.