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The ORAC value rating of cantron is 2,083,457
One of the most powerful antioxidants.

Cantron is an amazing bio-nutritional formulation which helps maintain proper cellular metabolism, immune system function and bolsters the overall health condition.

The Cantron formulation contains a proprietary blend of organic compounds. Many of these compounds belong to the bioflavonoid family - substances usually found in conjunction with vitamin C in nature.

The formula also contains minerals and trace amounts of an important ‘B complex’ vitamin.

The active ingredients are specifically selected for their beneficial roles in cellular respiration (energy production within cells), for their bio-electrical properties, for their powerful antioxidant properties and for their ability to facilitate the body’s normal waste elimination processes.

Cantron is a unique trade secret formulation which is synthesized in a laboratory and can not be duplicated by any party. It is a highly advanced version of the authentic Entelev formula which was created by the brilliant chemist James Vincent Sheridan. Modern technology and newly developed manufacturing techniques have made the Cantron formula more concentrated and more potent than any version ever in existence. We refer to this advanced version as our New Millennium formula.

 "Wellness" Benefits of Cantron

Cellular respiration is a chemical reaction in the cell which involves oxygen and produces energy. If the balance of the cellular respiration system is negatively affected through any combination of stress or nutritional deficiency factors, cells do not function properly and cellular damage results. The many electrolyte ingredients in Cantron nurture cells and help to maintain a normal, healthy energy production system within the cell.

The human body is an electrical machine. In fact, every cell in the body is electrical. Consequently, if the bio-electrical system is out of balance, Wellness’ cannot exist. Cantron’s unique electrolyte ingredients help exert a positive effect on the cellular voltage within the cell and simultaneously acts upon specific enzymes within the cell. When the electrical voltage (as well as other nutritional factors) are normal, the body is able to carry out a natural body function called lysing, a system which rids itself of older, less efficient and unhealthy cells.

Antioxidants are important in countering free radical damage to cells. It has been established that free radicals are implicated as a contributor to over 50 different chronic diseases which plague mankind. The immune system itself needs antioxidants as it is the most sensitive organ system in the body, making it prone to attacks from free radicals, more so than any other functioning body system.

Cantron is an excellent chelation agent and detoxifier. It helps maintain the body’s normal ability to rid itself of toxic materials, wastes and blockages - a necessary function of the natural healing process.

Customer Satisfaction Abounds

Cantron has enjoyed a fabulous reputation throughout it's 23 year history and is rapidly becoming popular all over the world. Tens of thousands of humans (and animals) have experienced Cantron’s remarkable ability to bolster normal healthy functioning. As a result, grateful benefactors have been successful in spreading the good news about this wonderful product. Many nutritionists and other related health professionals now endorse Cantron. Physicians, clinics and hospitals are also becoming aware of Cantron and many research projects to test the efficacy of this compound on human health are getting under way. Anyone can benefit from taking this amazing health giving compound.

Basic Ingredients
Proprietary blend of organic compounds:
Electrolytes, consisting of hydroxyquinones and cyclopentenes.

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