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Uro-Kid Support


The Challenge

Nearly 60% of all Americans are at risk for kidney problems developing in their lifetime. Some symptoms include swelling of legs, ankles, feet &/or hands from fluid retention caused by
• kidneys failing to eliminate water waste
• frequent urination with reduced amount of urine
• unexplained shortness of breath
• excessive drowsiness or fatigue
• trouble thinking clearly
• persistent nausea
• feeling very itchy

High blood pressure and/or diabetes can lead to kidney disease. Frequent use of aspirin, ibuprofen, Aleve &/or Celebrex can also cause kidney disease. Most medical doctors now prescribe synthetic drugs for kidney ailments which will further damage your kidneys. But you have a choice!

The Solution
Since the kidneys are the primary means for eliminating waste products from the blood such as pesticides, drugs, food additives & most other toxins, we need an optimally functioning urinary system. Uro-Kid Support ia 100% Food supplement that will supply nutirents to support healthy kidney & urinary system function. The liver & pancreas will also receive needed nutrients for their optimal functioning.

Glandular supplements such as Uro-Kid Support are nutritionals made from various organs & tissues of mammals, usually cattle but sometimes sheep or pigs. Cytotrophin (as seen on the label) means “of cells or groups of cells”. Besides supporting damaged organs & tissues, glandulars can often be used to avoid the necessity of taking hormones or prescribed drugs.

Other Benefits Include
• Reduces the possibility of urinary tract infections
• Reduces extra trips to the restroom
• Fights viral & bacterial infections
• Helps lower blood pressure
• Boosts immune system
• Detoxifies the body

Watch a short video about Uro-Kid Support

The urinary tract is that part of the body involved in the formation, concentration, and excretion (clearing) of urine. The urinary tract system includes kidneys, which make urine out of the blood…, the ureters, which are tubes taking urine from the kidneys to the bladder, and the urethras, which are tubes taking urine from the bladder out of the body”. “The kidneys are the primary means for eliminating waste products of metabolism that are no longer needed by the body. These products include urea creatinine uric acid end products of hemoglobin breakdown …and metabolites of various hormones …The kidneys also eliminate most other toxins and other foreign substances…such as pesticides, drugs, and food additives”.

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