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Probiotic Super Digestive Enzymes

$29.95 $39.95

Probiotic Super Digestive Enzymes Benefits

Supplies vegan enzymes!

Acts as a natural antibiotic!

Prebiotic fiber food for the probiotic!

Maintains good health and high energy!

Promotes necessary vitamin production!

Limits growth of disease-producing bacteria!

Naturally excretes anemia-causing parasites!

Helps decrease fungus and yeast overgrowth!

Actively digests dietary fats, carbs and protein!

Foods highly processed or cooked at high temperatures destroy most food enzymes. Hence, the typical American diet is generally enzyme-deficient, which puts stress on the human body causing many health problems. This formula contains foods naturally high in proteolytic enzymes to aid digestion by helping break down dietary proteins such as meat, eggs and fish into smaller fragments called amino acids. Also, these enzymes help excrete parasites, viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Aloe alone contains 8 enzymes. Some enzymes reduce inflammation, others help break down sugars and fats. Enzymes in ginger and beet offer even more.

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